Saturday, January 22, 2005


Oh so many years ago, when I was in the military, one of my best friends and drinking buddies was Dell....We'd hang all the time, despite the fact that we didn't have a whole lot in common...I mean, well...we didn't like the same music by a long shot, though he was kind enough to let me drag him to several shows in those days and put up with my drunk ass...

...When I started really getting into playing music, I'll have to say, Dell was one of the people who really pushed me into the early days, when I was doing open mic's around San Diego and eventually getting booked into the Innerchange, he'd come up and sing harmonies on a handful of songs, like "Sabrina", "Alright" and our cover of Husker Du's "Never Talking to You"....he was also my designated heckler, which added to the fun. Testify!!

Anyways, I got out of the military......however, Dell is still in, serving in Afghanistan, bless he sent me these pix of him:


Hurry back, Dell....I've got cold beer waitin' in the fridge....

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