Thursday, December 02, 2004

Street Music

From my point of view, nothing feels better than a good 'ol whiskey buzz at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Right up there, though, is any kind of positive attention:

I have to send props to the Street Musician Blog for mentioning me....the writer of said blog contacted me through a discussion board I occasionally frequent. It's always fun to correspond with like minded people....musicians always seem to have an unspoken respect for each least in general.

Being a self-professed "half-assed" musician, reading the blog is both interesting and informative. I've often wondered what goes on in a real musician's head...I mean, other than mine...I know what goes on in my head, and, even though I could never fully articulate it, my psychiatrist says that I'm getting closer to a breakthrough everytime I visit. Hurrah!

So, if you can't find me here...or on my discussion board, or at the bar...I can be found there....

...oh and, "authormusician", if that is your real name....keep on 'bloggin'....and here's to you!

I'll have to make sure to add him to my links...I'll be frequenting his blog often...


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