Saturday, September 18, 2004


So, I've been absent for the past few weeks...

I officially moved into my new residence in first I was excited, then I was I've reached indifference.

I've come to the conclusion that all my neighbors are trailer-park rejects. ....because I'm in a rental, you would expect my time there will be limited.

Unfortunately, I signed a two year lease. Oh, well......I'm sure there are some hardcore drunks I can bond with....

I've also noticed that my picture has been missing for quite some time now....I'm not sure why it's gone...I'll get around to correcting it one of these days.

As far as the whole Keg-o-rator thing goes, as noted in the comments section of my previous post...I have given some thought to that. However, I doubt I'll get that involved until I have a more permanent living arrangement. Plus, right now, I enjoy the freedom of stumbling around the neighborhood with a couple of's a bit more "classy"..or at least suited my audience.

The other downside to the neighborhood it the fact that I don't have a local bar down the street anymore...I now would have to get in my car to go on a bender at the local pub...however, there is quite a bit of construction going on across the street...rumor has it that a new grocery store is going up....I've been crossing my fingers someone will put in a drinkin' establishment too....


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