Monday, July 19, 2004

Junction City

I see that there is a new movie coming out...."Thundercats". This is especially thrilling to me...and here's why:

When I was in kindergarten, all of about 28 years ago, my favorite afterschool cartoon was "Thundercats"...and I don't think I ever watched it after kindergarten...I only have very vague memories of the program, which I can only attribute to the copious amounts of alcohol I've consumed over the years. I do remember, however, that my friend, Terry, and I would reinact the previous days episode on the playground during our "lunch" break by wearing our hooded jackets as capes and running around battling whoever might join our little game. I'm sure it must have been like the "Power Rangers" of today, but I don't remember being obsessive over it, like my son is about the rangers.

So, I'm waiting, quietly to see this movie, under the assumption that my children will want to see it more than I will...If not, then perhaps I'll take the wife to see it at the dinner theater....(hey, they sell beer at the dinner theater).

We also made our intentions to move official....we'll be moving once again, this time to Lakeville, MN. The move only takes us about five miles down the road, but I hate moving.

The upshot of this is I can go back to my second favorite pasttime....drinking in the garage (which is second only to my first favorite pasttime...drinking in the basement..)


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