Saturday, July 31, 2004


About a week ago, the chain discount furniture store, IKEA, opened in Bloomington, across from the Mall of America. After enjoying a few beers with the wife, we decided to check it out...not that I'm looking for new
furniture...Oh, no...not with all the miniature tornadoes I've bred....but just to satisfy my curiousity.

IKEA is famous, I guess, for their simplicity in design...which is obvious after paging through their catalogue. I wasn't too impressed, and I figured that I could duplicate most of their furniture using the limited number of power tools I have access to, while consuming generous amounts of alcohol in the privacy of my own garage....nothing goes better with power tools than a good ole' alcohol buzz....

Anyways, we arrived at the store in the mid-afternoon, and we were distraught with the number of cars in the parking lot...I'm guessing it was better than 30 acres of parking (free, by the way), and nearly all the spots near the store were taken....a handful of police (you can't trust the man) and various rent-a-cops were directing traffic. I was concerned simply because I had a full bladder, and I thought the quarter mile walk to the store was certainly going to KILL me. It didn't.

The entrance to the store looked like the entrance to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport...once getting inside, there was a cafe, and a restaurant... and, well...that turned me off right away...I looked for a place that sold dice...I think I could get into furniture shopping if more stores sold beer...

The place was packed...practically elbow to elbow...and the furniture, was one step above what you could find at Walmart, or Kmart, or Target, or next to the dumpster in my apartment complex (oh, yeah, I ain't too proud). Overall, I was disappointed...However, I did get some pretty good ideas for building a loft bed, and some bookshelves...but overall, doubtful I'll be buying anything from IKEA anytime soon.

Not unless they start serving beer.


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