Thursday, June 10, 2004


In a bout of boredom, mixed with sobriety, I thought I thought I’d take some time today, and back-up some music I had been working on my desktop computer…I had been having problems with it locking up from time to time, and I didn’t want to lose anything important. This, of course, requires several programs to run at the same time…putting undue faith in a machine of that age and limitations...daring it to crash…

Now the thing of it is…is this: The last computer I had, I stored upwards of about 30 original songs on…inevitably, the hard drive had a meltdown, and I lost nearly all my works in progress. Too much for all those little diodes, transistors and resistors to handle. At the time, I vowed it wouldn’t happen again….however…

….it did. And how….. I couldn’t reboot the stupid computer…somewhere, some little snotty computer geek was laughing at me…Fortunately I had my little laptop, so I was able to download patches, and make a boot disk using the handy dandy internet. I have about another 30 orginal works in progress, hopefully I haven’t lost them….

If I do get that thing working again, the first thing I’ll be doing is continue backing up my projects and documents…..after that, I’ll continue killing my brain with alcohol.


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