Saturday, June 26, 2004


Just a follow-up to my June 8th entry...

I did, in fact, buy yet another garage sale car stereo. However, it turns out that it was my faulty reasoning that led to my previous installation failure. After determining that the wires from the installation kit I purchased from Circuit City were not labeled correctly (what are the odds?), I successfully installed the original stereo I had intended for my vehicle.

Only one beer was consumed in the process, and the scarring from my previous attempt is barely noticeable.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


It has occured to me that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine whether the various people I encounter during the day are going insane, that I might possibly be going insane, or that they might be simply talking on a cell phone.

With the advances in wireless technology, a person can be walking down the street, apparently talking to themselves, when in fact they actually have a cell phone hidden, and a little wire eminating from their ear attached to said cell phone. Talking and walking. Almost spy-like. It troubles the schizophrenic in me, and causes me to drink more just to be able to cope.

At what point in our civilization did it become necessary to create a device that allows a person to stay in constant contact with another person, with no outwardly apparent indication that he might be conversing with another, at the expense of my sanity?

Monday, June 14, 2004


Is it too much to ask that I might have enough alcohol to make it through one weekend?

Granted, the neighbor was visiting...which called for additional level of consumption, but in my very humble opinion, a man's tequila shouldn't be passed around without his knowledge. I have a right to maintain an acceptible level of "drunkedness" while away from my employers...

So, at precisely 4:45 pm yesterday evening, I ran out of tequila, and my buzz quickly faded...I had to finish the final few hours of my weekend in soberiety...

Not being somewhat "tipsy" makes my weekends just a little less enjoyable...and a whole lot more like being at work.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


In a bout of boredom, mixed with sobriety, I thought I thought I’d take some time today, and back-up some music I had been working on my desktop computer…I had been having problems with it locking up from time to time, and I didn’t want to lose anything important. This, of course, requires several programs to run at the same time…putting undue faith in a machine of that age and limitations...daring it to crash…

Now the thing of it is…is this: The last computer I had, I stored upwards of about 30 original songs on…inevitably, the hard drive had a meltdown, and I lost nearly all my works in progress. Too much for all those little diodes, transistors and resistors to handle. At the time, I vowed it wouldn’t happen again….however…

….it did. And how….. I couldn’t reboot the stupid computer…somewhere, some little snotty computer geek was laughing at me…Fortunately I had my little laptop, so I was able to download patches, and make a boot disk using the handy dandy internet. I have about another 30 orginal works in progress, hopefully I haven’t lost them….

If I do get that thing working again, the first thing I’ll be doing is continue backing up my projects and documents…..after that, I’ll continue killing my brain with alcohol.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bloody Hell

So, I thought I'd save a few bucks by installing my own car stereo today. I've had the stock radio in since I purchased the vehicle...I didn't know they still made cassette decks.

I saved by purchasing my stereo at a garage sale....probably my first mistake, however, I've gotten a few really good deals lately, so I figured I couldn't go wrong.

I tried to decipher the wiring diagram for the car for about an hour, before I broke down and bought an install kit from Circuit City. Now, the install kit required me to cut and tape wires anyway, but at least it was in the comfort of my house. This took me another hour...during which I managed to put a quarter inch nick in my finger ( it always cut towards you...or away...hmmmm)....I succeded in bleeding all over the four year old then pointed out each and every drop of blood and stated, "There's your ouch dad....there's another ouch dad"...

When it was all said and done, the stereo didn't work...I ended up putting the stock radio back in, and resigned to purchasing a new stereo and perhaps PAY someone to install it.

I did enjoy several margaritas in the process, though.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Just testing

that's what it is...